Own a fully automated ecommerce business without the hassles of running one

You own the inventory, we sell it for you in our stores. Earn up to 10% profit on every item sold.
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What is Passive Profit?

Passive Profit is a revolutionary platform built for everyone looking to earn passive income from a fully managed online business. It works in 3 simple steps:
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Purchase inventory of our proven top selling products.

Combine Product Sales

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We sell your inventory in our Amazon stores.

Units Sold

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You earn up to 10% profit on every unit sold.

Average Profit

A Profitable Ecom Business, Fully Automated.

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  • You Own it:

    Purchase inventory of our pre-selected top selling products. After completing your purchase, your inventory will be added to your Passive Profit account.

  • We Sell it:

    Our team of experts help sell your inventory alongside ours in our Amazon stores.

  • You Cash in:

    For every unit sold in your inventory we deposit your cost of goods and earned profit into your account. Withdraw your funds anytime or simply continue to grow your money by purchasing more inventory.

Amazing Features

Passive Profit is packed with everything you've always dreamed of having in a business...and so much more
Fully Managed

Go ahead, travel the world, go on that well deserved vacation. Leave the heavy lifting to our world class management team.

Best Selling Products

We carefully select top selling and highly rated products from Trusted Brands. All our products have at least 6 months of sales history.

Guaranteed Profit

Rest assured that your inventory is made up of highly profitable products with proven sales history-we guarantee profit on every unit sold.

Drastically Reduced Risk

We will only offer products we ourselves have tested and sold for 6 months or longer. This has proven to drastically reduce our risks.

Diversified Portfolio

Our inventory offers are made up of a carefully selected and well diverse product mix to ensure stable sales throughout the year.

Follow Your Money

Track your sales, inventory, profit and wallet balance right inside our simple, yet highly intuitive Dashboard.

You sell what we sell.

We built Passive Profit for one purpose; to let you earn good profit selling the exact same products we sell. Imagine us as your business partner helping you buy and sell your inventory alongside ours-in our stores.

In addition to owning highly successful brands on Amazon, we have partnered with other trusted brands to give you a well diversified portfolio of Amazon’s top selling products. All our products have great customer reviews, and a minimum of 6 months verified sales records.

you see what we sell
our team

Our Team

We’re a team of Product Designers, Brand developers, supply chain managers, marketing and advertising experts. We currently manage a diverse portfolio of over 400 products with sales of over $15 million.

From our Pennsylvania based 20,000 square foot R&D and logistics facility, our team develops, monitors and ensures our products are ordered, shipped and delivered on schedule.

How it all started...accidentally.

how it started

It was on a beautiful morning in February 2015, I suddenly got a phone call from a dear friend whose husband had passed away a few years earlier. “It's been hard raising my two kids on my own on my low income job, do you know of any income producing property I could buy or a business I could do to earn a bit extra so I can give my family a better life?”, she said. I told her about the success I and my friend had in our Amazon business.

A few days, she gave us $10,000 from her hard earned savings and said we could use it to buy and sell products in our Amazon store. Within 3 months we had bought some inventory and generated a steady monthly income stream for her and her family.

Our Mission

Today, our mission is to help millions of people like my friend own and operate fully managed e-commerce businesses selling products we have been successful with.

Join us in our mission to help families, entrepreneurs.

our mission

Common Questions and Answers

faq question
Do I need to know how to sell online?

No you do not. Our team does all the marketing, advertising and selling. Think of it this way, you're simply purchasing an inventory and transferring it to us to sell on your behalf in our stores.

faq question
Would I need a warehouse to store my inventory?

Nope, all products are stored at our warehouses. Our in house supply chain team takes care of the sourcing, purchasing, logistics, and warehousing.

faq question
How’s my profit calculated?

We will display profit margin for every inventory offer prior to you purchasing it. Profits vary for each product mix. Most offers earn between 3% - 10% profit on every item sold.

faq question
Can I get a refund after I purchase an inventory?

Yes we will refund your money if your request for cancellation is received within 24 hours.

faq question
How soon can I withdraw my profits?

Profits and principal will be available for withdrawal 45 days after each item is sold. You can withdraw your money and profits anytime or choose to apply it to future trades.

faq question
Is my money safe?

Yes your money is held securely in our designated bank account until you initiate a transfer into your bank account. Each transfer is encrypted and processed through plaid integration.

faq question
Is my inventory safe?

Yes. We manufacture, ship and store your inventory alongside ours in our warehouse until they’re ready to be transferred to Amazon.

faq question
What’s the minimum amount required to participate?

We are currently accepting clients with a minimum of $25,000 spend.

faq question
How many units can I buy?

Each offer comes with a minimum buy in. Please sign up to see our current offers.

faq question
What if my inventory doesn’t sell?

We prevent slow or dead inventory situations through our systematic approach to supply chain. Our team monitors sales and product statuses daily and react based on average sales velocity. We purchase based on proven sales demand and velocity, not on guess work.